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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission (I20060207-0800)

The map file has been updated for I20060207-0800.  The following fixes are
+ Bug 29840. [WorkbenchParts] Need API to get the zoomed state of a
workbench page
+ Bug 40348. [ViewMgmt] PageBook does not support IPostSelectionProvider
(was: JavaDoc & Declaration view and fast selection changes)
+ Bug 70117. [Progress] Help Context
+ Bug 85350. [Markers] [Progress] NoClassDefFoundError from job running
during shutdown
+ Bug 102666. [Commands] registry: ISourceProvider for selection and
context change is not implemented
+ Bug 105928. [Progress] Blocked jobs dialog showing empty message
+ Bug 108509. [Dialogs] Help button support
+ Bug 112000. [Viewers] TreeViewer SWT.VIRTUAL support.
+ Bug 113178. [IDE] Open Dependant Projects
+ Bug 113455. [Markers] Some error markers do not appear
+ Bug 115858. [Model API] ResourceMapping#getModelProviderId() should be
+ Bug 120379. [CommonNavigator] Comparator vs. ViewerSorter
+ Bug 120392. [CommonNavigator] CommonViewer doesn't use CommonSorter
+ Bug 120457. [Field Assist] - popup shell not dismissing correctly
+ Bug 120587. [Common Navigator] Manifest.MF appears twice in Java content
+ Bug 122749. [Dialogs] Store size and position of
+ Bug 122756. [Viewers] Support for TreePath based content providers
+ Bug 123789. [WorkbenchParts] 'Maximize' state should be view, not
+ Bug 123800. [Progress] InterruptedExceptions being logged many times
+ Bug 124128. [CommonNavigator] Internal navigator package names don't
follow conventions
+ Bug 124200. [WorkbenchParts] hideView does not work on perspective
deactivate callback
+ Bug 124393. Deprecate IKeyBindingService
+ Bug 124395. Make sure all slave and nested services clean up all
+ Bug 124520. [FieldAssist] API - Applications should be able to install a
reserved decoration size and commonly used decorations
+ Bug 124883. problems view: automatically disable marker limits when in
group mode
+ Bug 125526. [IDE]'s extractProjects() method does not
consider ResourceMapping cases
+ Bug 125540. Add IBindingService to all of the sites
+ Bug 125541. Add ICommandService to all of the sites
+ Bug 125600. [Field Assist] - popup shell should be resizable with size
+ Bug 125654. Project "expose" would be cool for removing
unrelated projects
+ Bug 125808. [Field Assist] assist hint hover should use tool tip caption
+ Bug 125943. [CommonNavigator] No need to include schema folder in binary
+ Bug 125952. [Field Assist] - cumulative filtering can be confusing
+ Bug 125955. [Field Assist] - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when
backspacing out of a filter
+ Bug 126027. [CommonNavigator] Support sorting based on different parents
+ Bug 126044. [Contexts] Latest key binding changes break Quick view key
+ Bug 126071. [CommonNavigator][arch] Should common sorters be associated
with a content extension?
+ Bug 126079. [Commands] request: add commands to open/show resource with
path parameter
+ Bug 126233. [FieldAssist] DecoratedField should not automatically reserve
space on field ends
+ Bug 126258. [Commands] handlers: Inspect doesn't work
+ Bug 126264. [Progress] ProgressMonitorJobsDialog and BlockedJobsDialog
needs to migrate to new progress viewer
+ Bug 126404. [Commands] handlers: Key binding availability dependant on
view focus
+ Bug 126461. [Common Navigator] Priority should default to normal
+ Bug 126462. setBatch() not refreshing XML model.
+ Bug 126506. [Viewers] TreePath based sorting
+ Bug 126508. [CommonNavigator] Support overriding an existing extension
+ Bug 126527. [Field Assist] - API - Field Decoration alignment issues are
different for cell editors
+ Bug 126553. [Field Assist] light bulb image looks ugly on white
+ Bug 126555. [Field Assist] assist not opened at caret location
+ Bug 126566. [Workbench] test failure in StartupTest.testStartup
+ Bug 126570. [Common Navigator] NavigatorContentService
+ Bug 126578. [Commands] handlers: Each opened Text and Java editor is
leaked due to ProxyKeyBindingService

The following projects have changed:
+ org.eclipse.core.commands
+ org.eclipse.jface
+ org.eclipse.jface.databinding
+ org.eclipse.jface.examples.databinding
+ org.eclipse.jface.tests.databinding
+ org.eclipse.ui
+ org.eclipse.ui.ide
+ org.eclipse.ui.navigator
+ org.eclipse.ui.navigator.resources
+ org.eclipse.ui.tests
+ org.eclipse.ui.tests.navigator
+ org.eclipse.ui.workbench


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