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[platform-ui-dev] Build Submission (I20060110-0800)

The map file has been updated for I20060110-0800.  The following fixes are 
+ Bug 111820. [CommonNavigator] actionProvider extension should support 
+ Bug 117505. [Commands] handlers: Legacy actions are active even when they 
shouldn't be
+ Bug 118435. [Markers] Trying to implement WorkbenchMarkerResolution
+ Bug 118934. [Dialogs] Introduce dialog trays
+ Bug 119864. A more lightweight hierarchical problems view
+ Bug 119927. [KeyBindings] TVT3.1.x:TCT241: Reading order in key sequences 
containing neutral chars
+ Bug 119960. [CommonNavigator] Navigator plugins should be JARed
+ Bug 120142. [DataBinding] DataBinding is static
+ Bug 120632. [DnD] Drag indicators hard to see on OS X
+ Bug 120652. [Commands] handlers: Cannot add evaluations to Display or 
Expressions View
+ Bug 120932. [CommonNavigator] Provider for ui.navigator is different
+ Bug 120934. [WorkbenchParts] NPE in PresentablePart.removePropertyListener(
+ Bug 121562. [IDE] Need a way to disable forced GC done by IDEIdleHelper
+ Bug 121623. [Decorators] Patch to support logical model decoration
+ Bug 121632. [CommonNavigator] classes with template class commetn
+ Bug 121709. [Commands] parameters: Add types
+ Bug 121883. [Markers] org.eclipse.ui.tests plug-in makes lots of performance 
tests red
+ Bug 122053. [KeyBindings] Shortcut Key Not Working In 3.2M4
+ Bug 122515. [CommonNavigator] CommonActionProvider should be made an 
API-level abstract class
+ Bug 122517. [CommonNavigator] CommonActionProvider should subclass 
+ Bug 122518. [CommonNavigator] Improve CommonActionProvider's init() method
+ Bug 122520. [CommonNavigator] Open up INavigatorActionService as 
instantiatable API
+ Bug 122525. [CommonNavigator] Allow menu insertion points to be extensible 
per viewer
+ Bug 122665. [CommonNavigator] Move commonWizard ext pt to 
+ Bug 122674. [Contributions] errors: Eclipse stops startup silently when 
error in action set
+ Bug 122683. [CommonNavigator] The registry readers for consolidated ext pts 
should be refactored
+ Bug 122688. [Workbench] Should cast to IStructuredSelection instead of 
+ Bug 122791. [DnD] uncaught exceptions during trim dragging cause subsequent 
+ Bug 122814. NPE in ResourceMappingMarkersTest.testResourceMappings
+ Bug 122915. DefaultScope.getNode not accessible in strict mode
+ Bug 122982. [KeyBindings] errors: No warning when creating an invalid 
keybinding sequence

The following projects have changed:
+ org.eclipse.core.commands
+ org.eclipse.jface
+ org.eclipse.jface.databinding
+ org.eclipse.jface.tests.databinding
+ org.eclipse.ui
+ org.eclipse.ui.ide
+ org.eclipse.ui.navigator
+ org.eclipse.ui.navigator.resources
+ org.eclipse.ui.tests
+ org.eclipse.ui.tests.navigator
+ org.eclipse.ui.workbench


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