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[platform-ui-dev] [CN] Changes for CommonActionProvider/NavigatorActionService

Extended Team:

Changes have been made which require reaction from clients of the Common
Navigator framework's Navigator Action Service.

Clients must (at a minimum) make the following changes to respond to the
(1)  Clients must respond to remove any references to
org.eclipse.ui.navigator.ICommonActionProvider, change their action
providers to subclass CommonActionProvider, and make (what should be
obvious changes) to correct the method signatures of CommonActionProvider,
which now subclasses org.eclipse.ui.actions.ActionGroup.

(2) Clients must also remove any references to the interface
org.eclipse.ui.navigator.INavigatorActionService. Now, an API class,
org.eclipse.ui.navigator.NavigatorActionService, which extends
org.eclipse.ui.actions.ActionGroup provides the functionality of the
original interface. The signatures are roughly the same as before, but some
methods (which were not known to be widely used yet by clients) were

Changes have been applied for the following bugzilla entries. These changes
are focused around
improving the Navigator Action support as per comments in

[CommonNavigator] Allow menu insertion points to be extensible per viewer

[CommonNavigator] Open up INavigatorActionService as instantiatable API

[CommonNavigator] CommonActionProvider should subclass ActionGroup

[CommonNavigator] Improve CommonActionProvider's init() method

[CommonNavigator] CommonActionProvider should be made an API-level abstract

The changelong from the release to CVS:
Releasing improvements to Navigator Action Service framework [..]
+[Bug 122525] The viewer extension point was restructured in a non-breaking
way to support better popup menu customization for navigator clients.
+[Bug 122520] The Navigator Action Service is now instantiatable as API as
an enhanced subclass of org.eclipse.ui.actions.ActionGroup.
+[Bug 122518] The init() method of what was ICommonActionProvider has been
streamlined to take a single "Configuration" element named
+[Bug 122517] The CommonActionProvider class was promoted to API, changed
to subclass org.eclipse.ui.actions.ActionGroup, and adopt the new form of
the init() method.
+[Bug 122515] The interface ICommonActionProvider was removed.

Kind Regards,

Michael D. Elder
Rational Studio / Services Tools Development
Ext: (919) 543-8356
T/L:  441-8356

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