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[platform-ui-dev] Handling Empty Window Working Sets

As per the discussion in id=113832 we've come up with a strategy for handling the usage of empty window working sets.

If we're currently using an aggregate working set (such as the window set) for our view and that aggregate is empty we act as if we're not using any working set at all. We continue to maintain knowledge of the working set and will react to elements being added to or removed from the set as they occur. eg: should the set become empty we then act as if we are using no working set and when an element once again populates the set we then filter on it again.

There is a patch in the previously mentioned bug that illustrates what we did to make this happen for ResourceNavigator. The patch is quite small and the logic straightforward.

We're recommending that all SDK views that utilize working sets follow this strategy. Javadoc will be added to WorkingSetFilterActionGroup and IWorkbenchPage describing this strategy later today.

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