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[platform-ui-dev] Problen developping wizards tree structuure

I have a problem developping wizards, the first one is that I need to have a tree structure in my wizard component like the JAVA component.
		id = "atad.extension.asistente.principal" 
		name="Arquitectura Canales ">
		id = "atad.extension.asistente.creacionComponentes"
		name="Creación de componentes"
		id = "atad.extension.asistentes.Contexto"
		name = "Componente Contexto"
The result of this plugin is "Arquitectura canales" and inside only "Componente contexto" but I need a tree structure??? How can I develop it???I think that it's correct my structure and the name "Creacion de componentes" is not in the result.

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