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[platform-ui-dev] JFace Dependency Changes, ListenerList

"org.eclipse.jface" and "org.eclipse.core.commands" no longer depend on 
"org.eclipse.core.runtime".  They only depend on 
"org.eclipse.equinox.common".  To run plat-ui code from HEAD, I20051122-0800 
or later is required.

With this change, ListenerList (in both "org.eclipse.core.commands" and 
"org.eclipse.jface") has been deprecated.  The ListenerList in 
"org.eclipse.core.commands" will be removed before 3.2 ships.  Please migrate 
away from using these classes, and start using 
org.eclipse.core.runtime.ListenerList in "org.eclipse.equinox.common".

NOTE: The ListenerList(int) constructor means different things!  Please read 
the javadoc carefully!

A convenience superclass has been added to "org.eclipse.core.commands", called 
EventManager.  It handles the management of a ListenerList instance.  It is 
thread-safe and memory efficient.


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