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[platform-ui-dev] Window Working Sets

Now that the window working set has been kicking around for awhile without much complaint we'd like to make its use more widespread.  We're suggesting that (for the SDK) we make all views use the window working set by default.  Currently, you must go and manually set each view to use the set but we'd like to make this behavior free for the end user.  To make this happen, each view that utilizes working sets would need to be modified such that it is primed with the window set rather than the null set.  Because we can't make this behavior free for developers we want to make it optional for downstream products by introducing a product preference that would allow product developers to toggle this behavior based on the ability of their plug-ins to roll with this policy decision.  This request is covered by bug  Is there support or opposition to this idea?

To support this possibility, we also plan on making it so that if the window working set is empty the provided WorkingSetFilterActionGroup (that most well-behaved views will use to integrate working set support) will act as if there is no working set selected.  By this I mean that if there are currently no working sets visible in the window working set then it will be as if the view is using the null working set.  This is covered by bug

Comments/complains regarding both suggestions would be helpful.

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