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[platform-ui-dev] 3.0 Icon Refresh


Apologies for delay in response.

Find included, a few resources.

1. Template for icon
2. Template for wizard
3. Action Scripts: for disabled state and cuts.
4. Metaphors changes for 3.0

Templates and scripts are Adobe Photoshop 7.0 based.

Let me know if you'd need anything else. More detailed information will be published with the Eclipse 3.0 User Interface Guidelines.


From: "Gunnar Wagenknecht" <G.Wagenknecht@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 08:45:03 +0200
Delivered-to: platform-ui-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Thread-index: AcRC7Plig63d/G66RgGYs+i5NPS+FA==
Thread-topic: 3.0 Icon Refresh

Is it possible that the templates and source files used to generate the new 3.0 icons will be published together with the icons? This would allow a lot other plugin developers to reuse the templates/scripts to create icons for their plugins that have the same shaddows and effects and thus, create a look that fits into 3.0.
Thanks, Gunnar

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