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Re: [platform-ui-dev] RC2 - editor drop down behaviour

Here is an explanation of the entries in the drop-down list:

We want the user to notice the difference between the items in the
list that are visible and those that are not visible in the tab folder.

"Q1- of all the drop down list always six entries are bolded (in RC1 were
italicized), how are those entries chosen among all the opened editors?
They looks to be changing in a random fashion independently from editor
actions i perform."

A1. In RC1, visible items were italicized but we realized that
that was not a very good visual indication. The user would probably
want to see the non-visible items differently. In RC2, non-visible
items are bolded so it is clear to the user that they are not visible.

"Q2- those bolded entries are alphabetically ordered independently of all
the others"

A2. There are two categories in the list, the bolded entries are the non-visible
items which are ordered alphabetically; the other entries are the visible items
which are ordered alphabetically as well.

I cannot comment if this will be the final effect but I hope the explanations cleared
things up.


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