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[platform-ui-dev] UI build submission for 20040602

We have updated the map for


For the following problems

22071  [Editor Mgmt] Graphical hint for pinned editor 
33964  [Key Bindings] Allow pin editor action to be assigned sho... 
63253  [Dialogs] "Go to line" dialog renders white block 
63713  [Preferences] Are dynamic projects supposed to just becom... 
63994  [Progress] IProgressService.busyCursorWhile javadoc 
64605  Update OutOfMemoryError dialog usability 
64819  [Activities] [Preferences] The term activities is still u... 
65357  Activity preference page grows uncontrolably 
65060  OutOfMemory using Jobs Examples plug-in 
62252 [Workbench] Provide short cut menu for Navigate>Show in>


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