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[platform-ui-dev] Release Candidate Planning, RC1

We are putting together a test plan for the upcoming release candidate
test passes and will post this today.  We will focus on the workbench, RCP,
bugs fixed, performance and some miscellaneous areas.  Anyone who is willing
to help who is not already listed on the test plan, please let me know.

The first couple of days of the RC cycle are strictly test days.  We should

be focused on testing and not fixing bugs during this time.

HEAD should be stable through the Release Candidate cycles so do not release any code to
HEAD without approval, a bug report and testing. It will be assumed that
we can version HEAD at any point to submit to a candidate build.  According

to the end-game plan all bugs require component lead approval, so for approval
talk to Michael.  Once approved it is added to Dougs build list and only then will
it go in.

When investigating bugs that have not been approved to go into HEAD, please put
the information and a patch in the bug.

Test Plan:


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