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[platform-ui-dev] Questions about actvities in M9

I have just done an close examination of activities support in the M9 build. I want to confirm my observations and I have a couple of questions.

The only trigger point that I observe occurs when bringing in a project to a workspace (import, check out, or create) that contains a nature that an activity has defined in an activityPattern. In the past other trigger points were stated in the design document. It this correct?

The Import Wizards (and Export wizards) dialog content does not hide wizards that are part of a disabled activity. This is inconsistent with the New Wizards dialog that does do this. Moreover there is not a primaryWizard tag available on the Import/Export wizard extension points as there is to allow wizards to appear irregardless of the activity enablement state. Any plans to make this consistent in 3.0 or thereafter?


Jim D'Anjou

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