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[platform-ui-dev] Correct usage of bug priorities

I'd like to direct everyone's attention to the following URL:

Currently, too many bugs are being misclassified with a severity of "major" or higher. This noise is starting to make it hard to locate the really urgent bugs, and some real biggies are sometimes going unnoticed.

I would like to suggest the following guidelines:
1. If classifying a bug as "blocker", the bug must indicate what it blocks (ie: which product, feature, or Eclipse milestone is being delayed until the bug is resolved)
2. In order to be classified as "critical", a bug must cause Eclipse to crash, delete user data, or report a memory leak which is severe enough to cause Eclipse to become unusable.
3. To be classified as "major", there must be some important piece of functionality that is unusable (with no workaround). The existence of a workaround means that the bug cannot be major.
4. All cosmetic problems are "trivial", no matter how ugly.
5. Nobody other than the bug owner should ever modify the priority field.
6. If someone has removed themself from the CC list or the Assigned To field, they don't want to be there.
7. Don't be rude

I believe we need some sort of minimal policing of the bugzilla system in order to reduce its abuse. The guidelines above should probably be displayed every time a new bug is entered along with a warning like: "Failure to follow these rules will result in deletion of your bugzilla account". The threat of repercussions would probably be enough to eliminate most of the abuse, even if no accounts were ever deleted.

  - Stefan

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