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[platform-ui-dev] R2.1 Look (May 5)

Here is an update on where things are with the R2.1 presentation:

What has happened:
- initial editor presentation done (by Gunnar)
- view title bars (by Ed)
- view drop down menu, etc. (by Ed)
- fast view bar defaults to left (by Andrew)
- view tab tool tips
- view toolbars

We still have a considerable amount of polish testing and minor features to implement.  These are the open bugs, feel free to investigate just communicate in the bug reports if you are interested in helping out: view tab should not be displayed if tab group has only one folder view title bar should use 3rd state when needed moveable perspective switcher potential refactoring for editor presentation R21 colours and themes are currently hardcoded tear offs -- need to either work (3.0 behaviour) or be disabled (2.1 behaviour) draw minimized views properly editor's should respond to tab location preference changes

We need as much community involvement to test this plug-in as possible in order to achieve high degree of confidence in this code before the plug-in can be released.  

How to run this:

0) Get the latest integration build

1) Check Out the "org.eclipse.ui.internal.r21presentation" project from CVS

2) Add the following lines to your $ECLIPSE/plugins/org.eclipse.platform_3.0.0/plugin_customization.ini file:

# R21 presentation settings
# use the R2.1 style presentation factory
# 1024 = SWT.BOTTOM
# put the fast view bar on the left

3) Launch a runtime workbench

When comparing this with R2.1 if you find differences/bugs, create a bug and put [R21PRES] into the subject line.

Here is a snapshot of the current work in progress:"">

Andrew & Michael

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