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[platform-ui-dev] Re: Properties view component issues


I'll have a look at the patch. 

For the dispose problem, yes, please enter a separate PR and cc me.  A 
patch would be great, since nobody is actively working on the Properties 
view at the moment.


"Gunnar Wagenknecht" <G.Wagenknecht@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
05/03/2004 02:09 PM

Nick Edgar/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
Properties view component issues

Hi Nick,

I've submitted a new patch for bug 21756. If you need any help for
documenting the changes please let me know. I'm also willing to rework
the patch if there are issues left.

Meanwhile I think we have found an issue which is of major importants
for clients implementing IPropertyDescriptor / extending
PropertyDescriptor. Both allow to deal with LabelProviders.
PropertyDescriptor allows to set a custom LabelProvider. The
LabelProvider is used by PropertySheetEntry to get an image. But when
the PropertySheetEntry is disposed the LabelProvider is not. As a result
images created by these LabelProviders are never disposed. IMHO this is
a big resource leak.

This is also different from the general API. If you set a LabelProvider
into a ContentViewer it is disposed automatically when the ContentViewer
is disposed.

IMHO this is a lack in the API. How/when is the LabelProvider disposed?
There is no API/hook in IPropertyDescriptor. Implementors can't know it.

Should I fill a PR for this? I'm willing to create a patch for this and
fix this issue.

Cu, Gunnar

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