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[platform-ui-dev] Re: The "Yes, No, Always, Never" Dialogs

Kevin Barnes has contributed a patch to Platform UI providing support for 
toggle dialogs with (optionally) a backing preference store.  This support 
has now been added to CVS.  It is located in "org.eclipse.jface" and is 
called MessageDialogWithToggle.

I would encourage teams using yes/no/always/never/(cancel) dialogs to migrate 
to this API.  Also, if teams have already written their own class to handle 
this type of thing, it would be nice if you would migrate as well.  Ideally, 
we would like to avoid duplication of this functionality throughout Eclipse, 
for obvious reasons (e.g., common look & feel, ease of maintenance, etc.)

Please let me know if there are problems with the API (especially missing 
functionality).  You can either email me directly, or append notes to Bug 
54347 ("";).


On Tuesday 06 April 2004 16:08, Douglas Pollock wrote:
> Recently, different Eclipse teams have been adopting a style of dialog that
> uses four buttons in the button bar at the bottom.  These buttons are: Yes,
> No, Always and Never.  I believe this style of dialog to be overly wide,
> and somewhat divergent from the de facto standards arising in the industry.
> There is also an unclear semantic with the "X" in the title bar to close
> the dialog.

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