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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Suggestions for improvement.

Calin Tenitchi wrote:

> Thanks for the great work everybody is doing!


> I have worked with Eclipse since 2M6 and it is, or
> will be, the best 
> tool around. Below are some suggestions
> that could improve the usability.

I have a 15 year resume, including all kinds of
editors and platforms, and I could never have started
Eclipse without pair programming on it. That's a
better recommendation for PP than E. Even with its
splash windows and tutorials and such I found E
totally impenetrable.

An editor should follow the CUA guidelines, even if
this means adding features, such as Ctrl+O for Open
External File, that don't fit the editor's project
model. Projects can then co-opt Ctrl+O to open items
out of their navigator.

Eclipsers should experiment by trying to use all
features while keeping their hands strictly on the
keyboard. Unfortunately, modern programmers have
learned to use the mouse for navigating & launching
tests. This represents only failure of the UI
designers to provide intuitive keystrokes for such
simple things.

Try this: Click on a panel, putting the keyboard focus
there. Then tap <F12>. The focus jumps back to the
editor. Now drag that panel off the editor and make it
into a detached window (such as on another monitor.)
Now click into it, and tap <F12>. The keyboard focus
does not jump back into the editor.

Following the CUA would require <Ctrl+Tab> to switch
between editors. When I can figure out how to, I map
that using Windows -> Preferences -> Workbench ->

I still can't find a way to go to the next search
result. MSDev puts this under <F4>, just like any
other navigation based on output.

Eclipse's wonderful plugin architecture has lead it
designers away from the simple usage scenarios that
monolithic editors use.


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