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[platform-ui-dev] default window size to 1024 x 768

I understand the concern.  This is not a question of support really.  If you look at the Eclipse website, or the supported platforms in the plan document ( ) there actually is no mention of support based on screen resolution or default workbench window size.

What this change means is that when the workbench is opened for the first time it will try to be 1024 x 768 instead of 800 x 600.  Once resized the new size is remembered.  Given the right perspective layout I am sure 800 x 600 will continue to work well in 3.0.  


"Scott Stanchfield" <scott@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent by: platform-ui-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

04/16/2004 03:41 PM

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RE: [platform-ui-dev] default window size to 1024 x 768

Does this mean that 800x600 is no longer officially considered "supported"?
My concern is that when working with 800x600 projectors or creating screencams at 800x600 that things will look wonky because y'all assume a larger base size.
-- Scott

From: platform-ui-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:platform-ui-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Michael Van Meekeren
Friday, April 16, 2004 3:33 PM
[platform-ui-dev] default window size to 1024 x 768

The Eclipse workbench window has been changed to 1024 x 768.  This change will appear in nightly builds starting tonight.

If you come across any undesirable side-effects of this please let us know.


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