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RE: [platform-ui-dev] New Look Reloaded - questions

The presentation is responsible for handling the view title. However, a presentation can easily use a ViewForm internally if it wants to reuse the behavior.

If you wanted to replicate the Eclipse 2.1 behavior *exactly*, I would suggest grabbing CTabFolder out of CVS from the Eclipse 2.1.3 stream, copying the code, and renaming it.

If you want to make a truly native presentation, you should use TabFolder and living with its restrictions. No matter what you do with custom widgets, you'll never look native on every platform. Once you start trading off nativeness for usability, you will start hearing a lot of the same complaints that the M8 new look received.

  - Stefan

"Ed Burnette" <Ed.Burnette@xxxxxxx>
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04/16/2004 06:13 PM

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RE: [platform-ui-dev] New Look Reloaded - questions

Ok. How closely tied are CTabFolder and ViewForm? Didn't most of ViewForm's functionality move out to the presentation layer? For example, drawing a view title used to be in ViewForm but now the presentation would have to do it, right?
Actually I was hoping we wouldn't need a whole new CTabFolder because I'm worried about duplicated code. Maybe the fancy version could be a subclass of the plain one.
After playing around with the native TabFolder today, I'm beginning to understand how limited it is. For example it doesn't look like you can turn on vertical orientation and have a manifest file at the same time on Win32. Also the native tabs with the bottom flag specified plus the manifest file = an odd looking combination. I'm thinking maybe a really plain set of options for, or a new version of, CTabFolder might pass for native as it did in 2.1/3.0M7.
Were you thinking that the 'new look' presentation would still have the option for traditional style tabs? Or would this functionality be relegated to the 'old look' presentation?
Finally, we need to come up with better names than 'new look', 'old look', and 'native look'.
Maybe Metal, Plastic, and JGoodies? (just kidding!)
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Michael Van Meekeren [mailto:Michael_Van_Meekeren@xxxxxxxxxx]
Friday, April 16, 2004 2:58 PM
Re: [platform-ui-dev] New Look Reloaded - questions

We started on some of this today.  A lot of things are to be determined.  Feel free to give ideas.

- not sure where we will put the presentation work yet, we hope to get something simple ready for next Wednesday that would be a good starting point to build on

- we hope to add an extension point for presentations so this can be added from xml instead of hardcoded references to presentation classes and factories, then the selection of this presentation can be done via some secondary method such as a hidden preference or ... other

- CTabFolder is complex enough already, and should remain as is and another version of it (CTabfolder2 and ViewForm2 ?? or some such) should be created.  You could play around with the version of CTabFolder in 2.1 as a starting place.

- will update as soon as I have more information


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