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[platform-ui-dev] RE: Hiding functionality using platform-defined actions?

According to one of the earlier design documents "choosing a role "loads"
the role's activities into the global set of enabled activities". This is
pretty much what I would expect a 'role' to do, and what I would like it to
do. Unless I'm overlooking something obvious categories' main purpose is to
visually group related activities. If this is the case I think the term
'categories' is well chosen, but it also means that the platform doesn't
provide support for roles (something I could use).

I understand that it may be confusing to users if too many activities are
visible. I am simply looking for a way to simplify hiding functionality from
the platform by being able to work with larger pieces than plugin ids.
Plugins defining activities as 'hidden' (later to be resurfaced by the
branding plugin) may be only one of many solutions, but the only one I can
think of right now.

Since I'm looking to hide functionality from some users only, as opposed to
removing functionality for everybody, would my best strategy be to define my
own activities (e.g. 'end-user' and 'expert user') by looking at each plugin
that make up the platform, and selectively include matching patterns for the
ids I would like to include, or is there maybe a better solution?


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