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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Questions about future IActionFilter now that XML expressions are available

Thank you very much for the information, Doug. To follow on up on the item below, will "org.eclipse.core.expressions" be available in action contributions in the 3.0 timeframe. I would think that is where the broadest applicabililty exists. Cheers.

> 1. Today the <enablement> tag can be used in action expressons and XML
> expressions. In an action contribution using this tag, who is handling the
> _expression_? XML expressions or the older action _expression_? As an extension
> do I really  care who is evaluating the property?

The older UI-mechanism is still being used to evaluate these expressions.  We
have not moved to "org.eclipse.core.expressions".  Whenever we do move, the
move should hopefully be seamless to plug-in developers.  That is, all old
functionality will work as expected, and some new functionality will be

Jim D'Anjou

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