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[platform-ui-dev] Questions about future IActionFilter now that XML expressions are available

I have been getting aquainted with the propertyTester extension point and the XML _expression_ language in plug-in org.eclipse.core.expressions.

I have some questions about the current and future support for action contribution filters available to the action contribution extension points. It looks like XML expressions support everything action expressions do and much much more (richer expressions, support for filtering any extension, reduced need for plug-in loading, etc).

1. Today the <enablement> tag can be used in action expressons and XML expressions. In an action contribution using this tag, who is handling the _expression_? XML expressions or the older action _expression_? As an extension do I really care who is evaluating the property?

2. Today implementers and adapters on IActionFilter offer support for certain properties that can be evaluated in a plug-in's action contribution. Notably markers, resources, and projects support several testable properties. Will these testable proporties be available in XML expressions (through the propertyTester extension point)? If not, can I use mix properties defined in propertyTester with properties support by an IActionFilter in my enablement _expression_ (this is probably a rephrase of the question in #1 above)?

3. Will action expresssions and IActionFilter be deprecated in Eclipse 3.0?

4. Action expressions support a <visibility> tag. What is the future of that?

I hope these were the right questions. I may have some fundamental misconceptions...still new to this topic :)

Thank you,
Jim D'Anjou

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