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Re: [platform-ui-dev] UI Guidelines v2.1 Feedback

While this workaround may work, Gaby's and Martin's points are valid.  The 
wizard framework could give you better support here.
Gaby, please open a bug report against Platform UI with the details here.


Bob Foster <bob@xxxxxxxxxx> 
Sent by: platform-ui-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx
04/02/2004 12:27 PM
Please respond to


Re: [platform-ui-dev] UI Guidelines v2.1 Feedback

Wenneker, Gaby wrote:
> Hi *,
> Concerning wizards the UI Guidelines recommend:
> "Guideline 5.5: Information validation within a wizard should be done in 

> tab order. If the first required field is empty, an informative prompt 
> should be shown in the text area, directing the user to fill in the 
> field. If the first required field is in error, an error message should 
> be shown in the text area. If the first required field is valid, check 
> the next field, and so on. The text area should not be used to display 
> more than one prompt or error at a time. If dialog information is absent 

> or invalid, the Next or Finish buttons should be disabled until the 
> situation is resolved. When resolution occurs, and all of the 
> information has been provided, the Next or Finish buttons may be 
> Most Eclipse Wizards do not fulfill this requirement (Eclipse 3.0, M8). 
> In Wizards with multiple input fields, I get an error message after 
> entering my first input because the remaining input fields are still 
> empty, e.g. Java Class Wizard. After entering 'name' I get an error 
> message the folder must not be empty.
> This seems to be due to the Wizard Framework which provides three kinds 
> of states: ok, warning, error. After each user input the state is 
> checked. The former two enable Next/Finish. The latter one disables it 
> and displays an error icon with additional text.
> If we want our Wizards to behave according to the guidelines, we must 
> introduce a fourth state: that shows no error icon, but at the same time 

> disables Next/Finish. Or do we use the Wizard Framewok incorrectly? Are 
> there any plans to adapt the Wizard Framework to the guideline 
> requirements and adapt the Eclipse Wizards?
> Best regards, Gaby

Next/Finish are not enabled based on message state, but test 
isPageComplete(). To make your wizard behave according to the 
guidelines, call setPageComplete(getErrorMessage() == null && 
getMessage() == null) at the end of field validation.

Bob Foster

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