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[platform-ui-dev] busyCursorWhile/ProgressMonitorDialog - what are they for anyway?

I've tried out the IProgressService support for running a runnable (PlatformUI.getWorkbench().getProgressService().busyCursorWhile(irun);).

What I'm unsure of is the purpose of the dialog that opens after a delay.  What is it meant to do for the user (ProgressMonitorDialog).  

When it opens it shows me a bit of info about the active task/progress based on the monitor.  Noticed that the cursor is busy unless over the Cancel button, but if the Running Jobs>> button is selected the cursor looses its busy state.  

The jobs bit is the real question.   There is no relationship between the jobs listed and the runnable task, at least I have not found a way to create one.  

Why show the jobs?  The can't be canceled from the dialog. The are not listed because of any dependency or blocking that might be occurring between the job and runnable task.   Just seems like a window on information that has no context or usefulness.  I know the API is marked experimental, but is it intended to have a targeted use?  If so - can you describe it?

Pat McCarthy  

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