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Re: [platform-ui-dev] A very minor usability issue

Phlip wrote:


This is a question about usability requirements for

How the hell do I open a file?

I have worked with many editors over two decades, and
find the lack of a File -> Open menu item
inconceivable. I am aghast that even work-arounds,
such as adding pre-existing files to a project, don't
seem to exist.

Has anyone else noticed this problem? If the answer is
indeed buried in a manual somewhere ... then why is
the rest of the GUI so slick and this feature so perverse?

Yes, of course. This is a FAQ. Who can fathom why there is no File Open command? It seems as obvious as daylight to those who have used non-IBM IDEs, but that's an ingrown culture for you.

There is an Open External file command in 3.0 from M7 onwards, so, even though it took them three years to react to it, the Eclipse folks aren't completely oblivious to this shortcoming. However, it is implemented in such a way that third-party plug-ins have to be changed to support it.

There are a couple of good plug-ins that add this capability to pre-3.0 Eclipse. I like the one named 'filedrag' which is floating around somewhere on SourceForge. There is another named 'fileopen'.

Bob Foster

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