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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Call for Testing and Verification

As an addendum to Dougs note, here are some  test plan specifics:

        - Please test bugs fixed in M8 (NOTE: really long link to follow)

3.0 M8 Platform UI Test Matrix
Wednesday, March 24, 2004
·        test new functions added since M7
·        sanity check performance and leaks
·        verify that all bugs fixed since last milestone are correctly fixed (see link above)


Please send a note to this list if you want to help testing the 3.0 M8 candidate.
·        Kim
·        Doug
·        Chris
·        Debbie
·        Nick
·        Jeem
·        Stefan
·        Michael
·        Andrew
·        Tod
·        Ines
Linux-GTK:  Doug, Kim
Linux-Motif:  Mike, Tod
MacOS X:  Chris
Solaris:  Ines, Tod*
Windows XP:  Andrew, Nick, Stefan (dual monitor), Deb

Memory Leak Testing
·        those who have YourKit please run with it
·        test compatibility fix in WorkbenchPage
·        test new changes for themes etc...
·        more to come from Nick.

·        Verify that the activities UI (See Window menu) works
·        Verify that items are not visible when not enabled in activities dialog

Key Bindings
·        verify working keys on all platforms
·        verify new key maps and key help support
·        verify two workbench window scenarious work
Test the BUGS you own and verify that they are fixed, or find someone to switch with and verify each others.
        watch for part activation problems
        watch for keys missing not working
        watch for UI glitches in folders and layout etc...
        try out fast views and resizing fast views
        try out detached views


Douglas Pollock <douglas.pollock@xxxxxxxx>
Sent by: platform-ui-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

03/24/2004 10:26 AM

Please respond to

[platform-ui-dev] Call for Testing and Verification

It is time for Platform UI to verify all of the bug fixes and enhancements it
has committed for M8.  These are all the bugs that are marked as "RESOLVED
FIXED" with either a target of "3.0 M8" or that have been fixed in the past
40 days (since Friday, February 13th).

We'd like to invite the community to assist with this verification process.  
Please pick up I200403240800, and check to see if bugs or enhancements
matching those description seem to work as promised.  Once you've checked a
bug or enhancement, report your success or failure on the bug report.

We're also looking for sniff testing of stability across various platforms.  
If anyone detects any stability problems, please report a bug as soon as

A lot of new features have appeared in M8, and we want to try to make this
milestone as good as possible before it is released.  Please help us out.

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