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RE: [platform-ui-dev] RFC: Key Bindings Proposal (end date = Dec 14, 2001)

So, could I use the pre-defined IDs like this:

claass MygotoEndOfLineAction extends ... {

public MyGotoEndOfLineAction() {

If that is true, am I to also set the Accelerator, or will it happen
automatically for me because my ID happened to be in a binding-set?  Or,
does it happen when I add the ActionContributionItem to the MenuBar?

SA> The workbench will define a list of common action ids (such as the
standard actions for navigation). Each key binding set can then reference
these ids to assign accelerator keys. The editor will then be able to
"register" with the workbench to have its actions invoked when the
accelerator key is pressed.

RANDY> The editor does this by creating an ActionContributionItem with the
action like the one above, and putting it in the
editorSite->actionBars->menuBar, right?  If so, does the act of doing this
set the accelerator for free?  If the users swaps binding sets, I as a
developer don't have to respond, right?

 For example, workbench will define a common
action id "go to start of line". The active key binding (determined by the
user) assigns the Home key to "go to start of line". The editor, when
active, will "register" with the workbench. When the "go to start of line"

RANDY> Again, by "register" you must mean I put an ActionContributionItem
in the MenuBar.

is invoked by the accelerator key, the editor's action is run. Now the
implementation details have not been fully worked out yet - the goal of the
proposal was to make sure we were on the right track to meet user needs.

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