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RE: [platform-ui-dev] Tools menu (was Window menu)

In these early days I don't agree with the introduction of a platform
"Tools" menu; it's introduction is likely to cause the appearance of too
many poorly integrated tools. Specifically, it's introduction may send out
the false message that to integrate with the platfom you simply write an
application that can be launched from the Tools menu.  This is not a
message I would like to see go out.

Workbench > Preferences works for me.


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I think that Window -> Preferences should be changed so that it is like the
following applications:
1) Websphere Homepage Builder 3.5
2) Corel Office Suite
3) Star Office Suite
4) Microsoft Office Suite
5) Microsoft Visual Studio
6) Internet Explorer

All of these applications have a Tools menu, under which "Options" can be
found.  Some of the Perspective actions probably belong here too.

Additionally, as the user, I should be able to rename the label,
[accelerator], and mnemonic used for both "Tools" and "Options", as well as
any other menu or action on the workbench menu bar.  This is a much needed
feature.  For more than a year I have been doing this manually in Leapfrog
by disecting its jars and manually changing the .properties and .xml files.
I've only upgraded Leapfrog twice, so I did this a total of 3 times.  But
it was a pain each time since I didn't know of the newer build was
compatible with the older message files.

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