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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Voting: View Activation and Opening


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View Activation and Opening

The Loss of Context Proposal has been split up so we can move forward on
individual issues.  This section concerns the State View Activatoin and
Opening issues (Problem #7).  We would like to vote on the direction of
this proposal.  If agreement can be reached, we will progress with the
implementation and address PR's as they come up.

In Eclipse, many complaints have been made about intrusive behavior in the
platform.  For instance, if the console view appears with a normal status
message, users don't want to see it.   The feel it should only appear if
there is an important message to be seen.  Many users also complain when a
view is opened, causing a layout change in the perspective.

To resolve these problems, we will:

# define guidelines for the appropriate use of view activation.  In
general, a view should only be activated if the user     explicitly asks to
see the view.  If an error occurs, and it requires user attention, a modal
dialog should be used to communicate that error to the user.

# if a view is opened programmatically, we will open it as fast view or
floating view until user places it in page.  In the      current prototype
the user can choose either one, or the existing behavior.  We will make one
of them (fast or      floating) the default, rather than the existing

For the time being, we have no plans to implement a "flash view" feature.


     +1 = You are in favour of this proposal & agree with further
exploration to determine API/contribution
     0 = Abstain
     -1 = You are opposed to this proposal. When voting -1 you must also
provide a detailed explanation of your

Voting ends 1 week from date proposal is submitted to the mailing list.

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