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Re: [platform-ui-dev] build vs. rebuild etc.

See SA>Comments below

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A side issue from the proposal was the discussion of build etc. Here is my
2c (it appears we are amassing a small fortune with everyones 2c <grin>).

*        It is challenging for a new user to understand the distinction
between a
        build vs. rebuild.   (e.g. Rebuild All  vs. Rebuild Project,  vs.
Build Project)

        Even experienced users sometime pause as they choose these

SA> As I explained in a previous posts, there is a couple of main reasons
for this. Mostly because of the Project menu name and the fact the "Build"
and "Rebuild All" are not named the same in different places. Those who
have had experience with other tools using "Build" and "Rebuild All" are
confortable with the actions. Others will need to go thru the learning
curve like all new menu items that is not familiar with them.

*        [reply to simon]
        Perhaps some users coming from other IDE's have experience with
these kinds of names but relying on an eclipse user to first user another
product is bad, and secondly a user from those other products will have to
verify the operation actually does the same thing. I also don't think those
users will get confused if we may the operations clearer in meaning.

SA> It is very common to use terms and ui models that users are familiar
with. So in this case, given that "Build" and "Rebuild All" are familiar
terms that most users know about, it is logical to make use of them. I
think there is a significant number of users who know these terms (based on
my non scientific survey) - if I understand your comment, you think that
number very samll? The argument about users "will have to verify the
operation actually does the same thing" is true of any menu item when you
use a term users are familiar with. In this case, "Build" and "Rebuild All"
do exactly what users would expect. As for your last point that users will
not be confused if we make the menu lable clearer, that could very well be
true or false...only usuability testing will determine that. When I first
looked into this problem, my first knee-jerk reaction was to come up with a
better label for these actions...however, everyone had thier idea of a
"better" label.

*        [reply to rodrigo]
        Project pop up menus should not have the word "project" in their
options. If this redundancy is actually needed then it means the operations
themselves are semantically unclear. We don't tack "Project" on the ends of
other popup operations. Hopefully this will be improved by the rename of
the Project menu.

SA> I agree.

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