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RE: [platform-ui-dev] Window menu

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>I also don't think we need a Configure > Java menu item.  We already have
>single menu item to get to ALL of the preferences.  If we add an item for
>java, soon we'll have an item for the web tooling, then ant, then c++, and
>then menu will be filled with items which just open the preferences
>This sounds like weak justification for the configure menu.

You will only see Configure > MyTool on MyTool Perspective
and only if MyTool developer will elect to put it on MyTool Perspective.

DS> I don't understand why we need a second menu item to access the
preferences for any tool, or a menu to contain it.  It is redundant if
there is already a Preferences item in the workbench menu.

> I would prefer to push the object centricity of the menus further.

Object centricity is usially a good idea.
In this case customization is not a part of main workflow.

You customize your car and then you drive it.
You don't customize your car while you drive it.

DS> I agree.  The customization which you refer to is not part of the main
workflow.  Ideally, the user should never have to customize the preferences
for a tool.  Everything should just work well.  Hence, the configure item
for each tool does not need a dedicated item.  A single item will do.
Should we put it in the Workbench menu?

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