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RE: [platform-ui-dev] Window menu

1) Your preference (no pun) is Configure > Preferences.

What additional items would you put on this menu - we should avoid a menu with one item.

You mention it would be "extensible". Can you elaborate on how you see it being extended.
Are you think of global configurability or are you thinking of active editors adding/remove entries from it.
Can you provide some concrete examples of what you would add to it.

2) When you say start the preferences with a favorite page selected is it sufficient to open to the previous page?
If yes, then when the user exits/restarts the workbench would we ignore the last page thus avoiding prematurely starting a plugin simply to show its preference page?


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12/10/01 10:39 AM
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Workbench -> Preferences is better then Window -> Preferences, but I think that a top level menu dedicated explicitly to customization would very convenient.
My choice is extendable Configure menu where Preferences would land and no Window menu.
I would also add the ability to start Preferences dialog with favorite topic Preferences page selected on the tree.
This way a perspective will be able to give user shortcuts to the most important settings from this perceptive point of view.
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Hi Ilya,

*        Are you suggesting the introduction of a new top level menu (either Preferences, Settings, Options, or Configure) that only has one menu option on it?

       One could move other options like perspective -> customize to it , but this seems unnatural since it makes it less obvious.

*        Is the alternative to place Preferences onto the new Workbench menu - this may appeal to you since the current preference dialog applies workspace wide (i.e. it is not responding to selection, or active part).

UI component team.

*        Do you know if there is a lot of feadback with people unable to find the preferences.

*        My guess (possibly wrong) is that folks just learn where it is. It is semantically different enough from

       most operations that its location is unlikely to cause confusion. Also many apps tend to put it in different

       places so there is no "common standard" - some use Tools, some Options, some Edit (I hate that one).

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From: Rozenberg, Ilya
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Subject: RE: [platform-ui-dev] Proposal to rename Project menu to

I agree 100%. There is one more problem of this type.
3) Window->Preferences is not intuitive and misleading.
Any of it will be better:

One more suggestion
This is more obvious then Window, but less general then Tools

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