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Re: [platform-ui-dev] validation


So if BUILD==VALIDATE (as it currently is in the workbench), then the task 
list will be out of date until you save (if you have auto-build on) or 
until you do a build manually.
If this still doesn't cover the cases you're seeing, it may indicate a 
bug, so more details would be needed.


"Joseph F Pesot" <pesot@xxxxxxxxxx>
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12/10/01 10:16 AM
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Nick / Julian,
Thanks for picking up this thread.  Julian's note is a good addition to
what I was thinking about.

Also, in my earlier note I suggested that the Task List seems to be a
"snapshot in time" -- what I mean is that it is not dynamically updated as
errors are fixed.  It gets updated when a validation occurs and so may not
accurately reflect the state of errors.  We've seen instances where an
error is fixed in the code but the associated task remains in the Task
List.  Double-clicking on such an error in the task list can take you to a
line in an editor that has no error.  So -- that's why it appears to be to
be a snapshot, it reflects tasks and errors as of the last validation.

Does this help? (or perhaps I'm missing something).

Thanks, Joe

Department 53OA VG/RAD Enterprise Solutions on 12/10/2001 09:23:41 AM

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Thanks for the extra context.  As mentioned, some recent changes went into
validation in text editors, mainly to allow VCM providers to hook in.
Are all the instances you know of so far text-based?
We may need to push this down to arbitrary editors.


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12/08/01 03:42 PM
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In WSAD (and in an increasing number of the IBM eclipse-based tools),
Validate is an important concept.  Basically, for a good number of editors
that are backed by a well formed models (eg., HTML, SQL, XML, etc.), the
Validate action allows users to check the correctness of what they have
entered in the editor, without committing (saving) those changes to some
persistent store.

As you say, the closest concept in the platform at the moment is build.
But this action has strong ties back to the complier heritage of IDEs and
isn't, perhaps, the most generic or extensible action to pattern our work
on as we go forward.

As the thinking around the workbench further matures, perhaps the notion
of "validation" as distinct from "save" can be considered.


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