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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Proposal to rename Project menu to Workbench

Not a committer but could I suggest that the build related entries in this
menu be either (Build, Rebuild) or (Build All, Rebuild All).  The current
set ( Build, Rebuild All) is inconsistent and confusing.  Personally I
would go for the Build All, Rebuild All just to be really clear but I don't
feel strongly.


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This is a request for committers to vote.

The workbench menubar currently contains a "Project" menu.
The proposal is to rename this to "Workbench"

The menu items currently contributed to this menu by the ui ("Build" and
"Rebuild All") and jdt ("Open Type") are not scoped to a single project but
rather to all projects in the workspace. This is leading to user confusion.

With the rename to Workbench, menu items such as Search and Preferences can
move to this menu.

Workbench is preferred over Workspace or Projects as items in the menu may
have a scope beyond the workspace (ex. Search scoped to help

Workbench is not a new concept and already appears in the ui (ex.
Window>Open Workbench).

Theoretically, some plug-in actions contributed to the Project menu may be
scoped to the selected project. The scope of these actions will be less
apparent to the user after this change. However, there are currently no
known cases of such actions (in SDK or Websphere).

Of course we are just changing the menu label, the menu id will not change
(in fact the menu id for the Project menu is "workbench")

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