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[platform-ui-dev] (no subject)

I have a conceptual question about the relationship between Save, Validate,
and the Task list.  I'll try to frame it by proposing some user situations
and my current beliefs about how these areas should relate.

1.  A user should be able to edit a resource and save it without performing
a vaildate (this seems to be a project level property).  Saving in this way
would cause no new errors to be added to the task list.

2.  A user should be able to edit a resource and then validate it without
having saved it first.  The validation action adds errors to the task list.
This paring of editing and validation would allow a user to determine the
effectiveness of a set of changes--make some changes, validate, make some
more changes, validate, etc.

3.  If a user edits a resource, and then validates (adding errors to the
task list), they may decide that the changes they made have caused more
problems than anticipated.  So they may want to close the resource and NOT
save these changes.  This sequence of events SHOULD result in the removal
of errors from the task list (that is, those errors associated with the
validate of the file who's changes were cancelled).

My questions:
First, do these situations match the UI team's conceptual INTENT for how
SAVE, VALIDATE, and the TASK LIST relate.  I think I see some differences
in behavior today which can lead to the Task List being out of sync with
actual changes.  I'm interested in the UI team's view on the conceptual
relationships in this area.

Second:  It appears that the Task List is a SNAPSHOT in time of errors (not
dynamicly updated).  If that's true, would it make sense to include a
timestamp on the Task List title bar indicating the last time a complete
validate was performed.

Third: I think it would be useful to be able to Print the Task List, but I
don't seem to see that capability......will Printing the task list be
possible (or is it all ready there and I just can't find it).

Thanks, Joe

Department 53OA VG/RAD Enterprise Solutions

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