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[platform-ui-dev] Question about use of Ctrl+Enter in UI

Many applications present a form of multi-line text input window (be it 
modal or non-modal). Because "Enter" causes a carriage return in the text 
widget (if the text widget has focus), setting the "OK" button to be the 
default button is not sufficient. In these cases, there are a number of 
applications that use Ctrl+Enter as a shortcut to accept the input and 
close the window. For example, Outlook Express does this when composing a 
mail or newsgroup message. ICQ does this to dismiss the "new message" 
dialog and send the message. I can find other examples as well. In our 
case, we will be changing the "Please Enter Release Comment" dialog to 
handle multi-line comments, which is common usage. We would like to use 
Ctrl+Enter for the shortcut for OK.

My question is, does the UI team have a policy or suggestion regarding the 
use of this accelerator? Does it conform to (or violate) any formal UI 
guidelines that you are aware of?

Thanks for any input,

james (on behalf of the VCM team)

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