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Re: [platform-ui-dev] RFC: Cut, Copy, Paste Proposal (end date = 12/03)

Greg Adams said:
Mcq indicates Linux does not have cut on its file explorer. I'm not a linux person & don't have it in front of me - but this sounds rather inconsistent with how it likely works in other places not related to files. Also keep in mind we are look at it for more than just files so using the file explorer is not a true comparison. In addition I would argue that if the linux model is inconsistent (I need to go look) then that's simplicity for the sake of coding not the user.
  • The biggest inconsistancy is between cut/paste works within editors versus the way it works in the explorer. For example, why does paste clear the "copy buffer" in the explorer? There really are two different kinds of operations going on. One is the "traditional" cut/paste. The other is more akin to drag/drop (i.e. inter-application communication, callbacks, etc.).
  • I'm not sure what you are trying to say in the "we are look at it for more than just files" point. Are you expecting other applications to integrate with the Eclipse resource model? Obviously, we would want to cut/paste more than just files *within* eclipse, but I don't see how outside applications would be able to handle anything richer than this. [Note: this is talking about the "drag/drop" version of cut/paste, not the "traditional" cut/paste which works now.]
  • The linux model isn't inconsistant, they just didn't implement cut/paste in the file explorer. As I said above, cut/paste itself is inconsistant in that context. Having said that, I agree that they likely just didn't want to code it.


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