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Re: [platform-ui-dev] RFC: Cut, Copy, Paste Proposal (end date = 12/03)

For the Packages view it is a little bit different since a package can contain Java elements (compilation units) and
IResources (for example gif files). So as a user I would expect to be able to select everything in a package and
say copy. So may be we have to convert everything into IResources before we store it into the clipboard.


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29.11.2001 16:39
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In the Navigator, we won't allow the user to copy projects and
files/folders simultaneously.  Also, only sibling elements in the tree can
be copied simultaneously (this is how copy currently is enabled in the
Navigator).  This should make it clear for the user as to what he can copy
(and, bonus, it's easier to implement).


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One open issue for me is how we handle selections that are heterogeneous.
Consider the
following example: in the packages view someone selects Java elements (e.g
Units) and resourses. Now  the user executes Copy. What do we actually copy
to the

- a sepcial Transfer that deals with resources and compilation units
- only the compilation units
- only the resources
- all selected elements as resources. We convert the compilation units to
resources. But in
 this case we loose some information.
- we don't allow copy in this situation (would be hard for the user to
understand since he doesn't
 see any difference between compilation units and resources)


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  26.11.2001 23:31                                                        
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Please provide comments on the following proposal by 12/03.  This is not a
call for committers to vote.

(See attached file:

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