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Re: [platform-ui-dev] RFC: Cut, Copy, Paste Proposal (end date = 12/03)

See <NE>.  Items with no further comment have been deleted.

"Karice McIntyre/OTT/OTI" <Karice_McIntyre@xxxxxxx>
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11/28/01 05:28 PM
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See <<KLM>> for my answers, comments, and questions to you.

                    "Nick Edgar/OTT/OTI"   
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- The text used in the task list drag and drop is not very user friendly.
It was originally more for debugging purposes than to be useful to end
users, so I do not recommend using it.  We should come up with a better
human readable representation, and use it for both CCP and D&D.
One option would be tab-delimited text, since this can be pasted nicely
into spreadsheets and tables in word processors.  Even better would to
associate RTF for a table, as well as plain text.  For example, try
copying a range of cells in Excel, and pasting them to Word, WordPad, and
NotePad (and vice-versa).
I'd like to see the task list work like this.
It might also be nice to allow tasks to be pasted into the task list from
a similar format (but not problems).
Likewise for Bookmarks and Properties.

I understand the first part, but in the last 2 sentences, are you saying 
should be able to take that text or rtf representation of a Task (or
bookmark or property) and turn it into a Task?

<NE> Yes, at least that's what I meant for the penultimate sentence <g>. 
But this is a disco feature and is not required. 
The last sentence applies to the whole paragraph: whatever we do for tasks 
we should do for bookmarks and properties.

- We will also need support from SWT for visually indicating a cut/move in
progress, in Tree and possibly other widgets (Table for task list).
Compare with MS Explorer, which dims the item being moved.
If we don't have visual feedback for cut, it will be very confusing.
Is this even possible on other platforms?

I thought UI would have to do this?

<NE> We would have to control when it occurs, but we currently have no 
support in SWT for visually dimming an item, which we would need to do 
this properly.  I did not mean progress monitor feedback, which we would 
be responsible for (no change from current behaviour).


- Need to ensure ResourceTransfer and MarkerTransfer support multiple
items, if they don't already.

What do you mean by support multiple items?

<NE> The views allow multiple items to be selected.  Can multiple items be 
handled in a single CCP with the current transfers?

- I concur with Simon that we should support copying resources between
separate workspaces.  This means that the ResourceTransfer must encode not
only the resource's path but also its location, and possibly an ID for the
workspace (e.g. if I cut a /A/B in workspace 1 and paste it to /C/B in
workspace 2, I want to delete /A/B from workspace 1, not workspace 2 if it
also has /A/B; this may just work out if it's the cut handler which does
the deletion though).

There's a larger issue with Cut between workspaces and between a workspace
and another app right now anyway.  Apparently Windows has API that can 
us (via SWT, if they implement it) whether the action was a Cut or a Copy
when a Paste is done.  Likewise if we put the contents on the clipboard, 
would have to tell them whether it was a Cut or Copy.  Then, after the
paste happens, we get or send a callback to the OS (depending on whether 
not we are the destination or the source of the Cut or Copy) so that the
original can be deleted if it was a Cut.  To complicate matters, other
platforms don;t seem to have this added support.  If you look at Linux
(Gnome) there is no Cut, just Copy, Paste, and Delete to do all the same
work.  If this support in Windows is added then i think your concern about
possibly whacking a path with the same name in the second workspace will
inherently be taken care of.  Anyway, right now we can copy files/folders
between workspaces (and projects will only come over as folders, as
mentioned before).  If you Cut between workspaces right now it's as if a
Copy was done.

<NE> SWT needs to investigate Cut on other platforms. 
When you say that a project copy appears as a folder copy to another 
workspace, does that mean it can't be pasted in as a project, or just that 
it loses its metadata?  Is there any reason why the metadata can't be 
preserved (adjusting for the new workspace location, of course)?

"Karice McIntyre/OTT/OTI" <Karice_McIntyre@xxxxxxx>
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11/26/01 05:31 PM
Please respond to platform-ui-dev

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        Subject:        [platform-ui-dev] RFC: Cut, Copy, Paste Proposal
(end date = 12/03)

Please provide comments on the following proposal by 12/03.  This is not a
call for committers to vote.

(See attached file:

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