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[platform-ui-dev] Additions to the API for defining decorators and object contributions


A org.eclipse.ui.decorators extension has been added for the registration
of decorators for use by views that choose to subscribe to a new Decorator
Manager service rather than define thier own ILabelDecorators. The service
uses ILabelDecorators defined for a particular type in the plugin.xml. To
use this service with a DecoratingLabelProvider use the result of
IViewSite.getDecoratorManager() as your decorator when creating it. This is
currently used by the ResourceNavigator.

The full documentation for this extension is in the file
org_eclipse_ui_decorators.html in the doc directory of org.eclipse.ui.

Object Contributions

Object Contributions defined on IResource or one of it's implemented or
extended types will now be applied to any object that adapts to IResource.
This will allow resource operations in views such as the packages view
which display objects that are wrappers for IResources.

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