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[platform-ui-dev] Table of shortcut keys in Eclipse SDK

I am pulling together a table of all shortcut keys used in the Eclipse
SDK, which I would like to post on the web, and also include in the doc.

This includes accelerators and keys hooked by individual views and
editors, but not mnemonics.
It currently includes everything I could find in Eclipse UI and JDT, but
does not include Compare.
If you have a UI component which ships with the Eclipse SDK, could you
please review the table and let me know if I missed any.

One known missing area is Compare.  I stole Compare's accelerators for
next/prev change (again) when I added the view accelerators (sorry,
We'll have to come up with other ones.  CTRL+Up Arrow/Down Arrow would be
nice, but these have meaning in Table and Tree widgets on Windows.
Hopefully we could use the same ones in Search, and in the Java editor for
next/prev problem.

My feeling is that individual views and editors should not be using ALT
combinations.  These should be reserved for top level actions, such as
accelerators for views.
This is a problematic area though, since the available accelerators run
out quickly in a plugin environment.
Especially in the area of accelerators for activating individual views.
Just in Eclipse UI, I've already taken CTRL+ALT+{B, K, N, O, P).
It's not clear that all of these need accelerators (I find myself using
the one for the outline a lot, though).
I'd be willing to negotiate changing some of these for JDT (CTRL+ALT+P
would be nice to have for the packages view), or other plugins.
Note that view accelerators currently only work if there's a corresponding
item on the Show View submenu.

Also note that I recently added CTRL+N for the New wizard.

Attached are two files: an HTML file containing the table, and an Excel
spreadsheet from which it was generated.
The spreadsheet has been marked to track changes, so if you need to make
any, you can just modify the file and send it back to me.
Or just email me the changes you want made.


(See attached file: Keys.xls)
(See attached file: Keys.html)

Attachment: Keys.xls
Description: application/msexcel

Title: Shortcut Keys in Eclipse SDK 2.0

Shortcut Keys in Eclipse SDK 2.0

Key {Key} by itself SHIFT+{Key} CTRL+{Key} CTRL+SHIFT+{Key} ALT+{Key} CTRL+ALT+{Key}
A     Edit / Select All      
B     Project / Build     (View) Bookmarks
C     Edit / Copy      
D     (JDT editor) Display      
E     (JDT editor) Next Problem (JDT editor) Previous Problem    
F     Edit / Find/Replace…      
H     Edit / Search…      
K           (View) Tasks
L     Edit / Go to Line…      
M       (JDT editor) Add Import   (JDT) Refactor / Move…
N     File / New / Other…     (View) Navigator
O       (JDT editor) Organize Imports   (View) Outline
P     File / Print     (View) Properties
Q     (JDT editor) Inspect      
S     File / Save   File / Save All Window / Switch to Editor…
T       (JDT) Open Type…    
V     Edit / Paste      
X     Edit / Cut     (JDT) Refactor / Extract method…
Y     Edit / Redo (JDT) Refactor / Redo    
Z     Edit / Undo (JDT) Refactor / Undo    
Space     (JDT editor) Content Assist      
Backspace         Windows: Undo  
Tab     (JDT editor) Shift Right (JDT editor) Shift Left    
Insert   Windows: Paste Windows: Copy      
Delete Edit / Delete Windows: Cut Edit / Delete      
Page Up            
Page Down            
Hyphen (-)         Show System Menu Show View Menu
Left Arrow            
Right Arrow            
Up Arrow            
Down Arrow            
F1 Help Help Help Help    
F2 (Navigator view) Rename, (JDT editor) Open JavaDoc          
F3 (JDT editor) Open on Selection          
F4 (JDT editor) Open Type Hierarchy     File / Close All File / Close  
F5 (Navigator view) Refresh, (Properties view) Refresh, (Debug) Step Into          
F6 (Debug) Step Over   Next Editor Previous Editor    
F7 (Debug) Run to Return   Next View Previous View    
F8 (Debug) Resume          
F10 (Debug) Relaunch last          
F11 (Debug) Debug   (Debug) Run      
F12 Activate Editor   Activate Editor      

Last Updated on 11/27/01
By Nick Edgar
Email: Nick_Edgar@xxxxxxx

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