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RE: [platform-ui-dev] RFC - Loss of Context Proposal (end date = 11/27)

From the proposal:

	>change the default mode for "open perspective" to "replace".  In
this mode, the "open perspective" menu item in the Perspective menu will be
removed, 	and a drop down list box containing a perspective list will
be added to the toolbar.  If you select a perspective from this list, the
existing views in 	the perspective / page will be re-arranged to suit
the new perspective. 

This is not a good solution.
User would like to have multiple perspective open, just not of the same
"open perspective" should open a new perspective UNLESS a perspective of the
type already opened. Then that perspective should be activated.

Perspective MRU will help. But what will help more is "perspective back" and
"perspective forward" buttons
Everyone knows "back" and "forward" paradigm from internet browsers.


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Please provide comments on the following proposal by 11/27. This is not a
call for committers to vote.

(See attached file: Proposal.html)

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