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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Undo/Redo Proposal

Another point:

We need to allow the part to modify / extend the latest undo action.
For example, if I type something, and undo action gets added.
If I continue typing, it should extend this undo action rather than adding 
a new one for each character.

Note that other parts with orthogonal history may be modified in between, 
and still have the same effect.
For example, if I:
  - type in editor A
  - type in editor B
  - type more in editor A,
there should only be one item for the typing in editor A.

If the other part's history is not orthogonal, it's probably simplest to 
add a new item.
For example, if I:
  - type in editor A
  - rename a file
  - type more in editor A
they should be separate items if the UI presents a linear history with an 
undo item for the rename.
This gets back to the problem of presenting multiple histories.
An interesting issue here is: how would the part know whether or not it 
could extend the last item?


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