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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Undo/Redo Proposal - follow up to ui gestures

Agreed. However (as a clarification) you need to distinguish those UI gestures that have model impact from those that don't. For example if you support undo for deletion, moving etc. of files in the navigator then drag/drop gesture should be undoable, similarly for drag/drop in a text editor. However resizing a view, or moving a toolbar is not an undoable action.

However, as a side observation I suspect several people would argue that they sometimes inadvertantly rearrange their ui and would like a way to undo the mistake (not by using the undo stack) or to lock down a layout. Personally I am not a fan of the latter because the times when I want to tweak something I have to first unlock the layout..

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11/23/01 10:07 AM
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Dave made a very good point, which I'd like to reiterate:
I suspect this represents a general belief that the user is more
interested in interaction with the document, not the user interface, so
you don't clutter the undo stack with ui gestures.   UI interaction is
also unconscious for the user, whereas doc interaction is conscious (the
focus of attention).

Anything which focusses attention away from the content is distracting and
counterproductive, so undo/redo should be limited to model changes.
(We still have the problem of how to deal with multiple models, however).


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11/21/01 02:36 PM
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See attached with my comments.

(See attached file: undo_redo.html)

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[platform-ui-dev] Undo/Redo Proposal

                   11/20/01 09:59 AM
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Attached are proposed changes to Undo/Redo to implement a global Undo/Redo
stack for the workbench.

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