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Re: [platform-ui-dev] UI and GUI on Linux Redhat 7.2

You need a G-Force 3. j/k

The speed is due to the implementation based on Motif/X.
I added the following lines to the '~/.Xdefaults' to beautify a bit:

SWT*spacing: 0
SWT*XmForm.background: white
SWT*XmList.background: white
SWT*XmTextField.background: white

I still think Eclipse is the best looking Motif based application to date...

-- Claude

Jan Oosthoek <joosthoek@xxxxxxxxx>
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23.11.2001 13:22
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        Subject:        [platform-ui-dev] UI and GUI on Linux Redhat 7.2

On my day off,. i was still on an adrenaline rush with my experience of
working with Eclipse this week.

So i started to download Linux Redhat 7.2 last night and installed it. Next
thing i needed was the JRE 1.3. With a short visit to IBM's site i had
obtained the JRE 1.3 for linux. After some serious stressed installing
moments, since i'm a typical windows user and not at all used to the long
install procedures needed on a Linux system. But in a couple of hours i had
Linux running and everything installed. So i double clicked on Eclipse...

... waiting ...
... Splash Screen ...
... waiting ...
... becoming really annoyed ...

... open console
... run ./eclipse
... Splash Screen
... a workbench appeared
... is this it ???
... this is ugly. refresh rates are way down. switching from views stutters
badly. The source code window is Grey and not White.. Is this a screw up on
my side or is the Linux version ugly ? Only thing that was nice were the
icons (they were the same)...

if someone has a Linux version that looks and feels like the windows
version. Please send me a screenshot. Because this is not going to get me
to use Linux...

For those of you,. that will argue that my Workstation isn't heavy enough.
System :
Dual p3 1000mhz
1024MB RAM
200GB RAID-0 Array
40 GB IDE boot HDD
GeForce 2 Ultra 64MB

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