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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Undo/Redo Proposal

1) Since undo and redo are part of the IWorkbenchActionConstants.GLOBAL_ACTIONS, it would be a breaking API change to no longer support undo and redo as global (retargetable) actions. Parts that are currently maintaining their own undo/redo stack would have to change to add IUndoActions to the workbench stack. Until then the Edit menu actions and their accelerators would no longer trigger an action in the part. This is probably an acceptable breaking change.

[SA: If the only way to keep things consistent for the user requires that the API be broken, so be it. However, if there is a way to be somewhat backward compatible without confusing the user, then bonus! Focus on what is best for the user, not the plug-in developer.]

2) The text widget implements its own undo. For example create a new task and edit its description note that there is an undo item in the widgets popup menu. This undo is local to the widget. Currently Undo is not enabled under edit in this case since the tasklist does not supply a global action handler for this purpose (There is no api on Text to allow programmatic undo). However if we have a global stack it is likely that Edit>Undo would be enabled but it would perform something different than undo on the popup.
Thus should we:
    1) We could ask SWT for undo API on text in this case.
    2) Continue to allow Undo/Redo to be global actions for which we simply define a default behavior (which will not be retargeted by 95% of the parts).

[SA: I'm not sure what the second point means...could you provide more details?]

RG> 2)2) is sort of a contradiction of 1) I am suggesting we leave undo redo as global actions and supply a default behavior using the global stack. Parts would still be able to supply their own handler if they wished. I think we will have to do this to preserve funcitonality. I makes for a more complicated user model but having the undo/redo of almost all existing editors broken is not good for the user.

"Simon Arsenault/OTT/OTI" <Simon_Arsenault@xxxxxxx>
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11/22/01 12:08 PM
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Attached is the proposal containing my comments.

Simon :-)


(See attached file: undo_redo.html)

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