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RE: [platform-ui-dev] VOTE: Low Color Proposal (end date = 11/27 )

The low color proposal does not prevent you from having vast quantities of colors. In fact the proposal recognizes that most people want the same thing. What the proposal advocates is that our preference will be to high color displays to make folks like yourself happy. It argues that on low color displays where the set of colors is finite, and in fact a wack of them have already been allocated by the operating system that there is little we can to to guarantee you can get every color you want. Thus rather than implement a number of mechanisms that still provide no gaurantees the argument says we should invest in high color (lots of colors) do a great job at it, and let swt do a nearest color match. Typically the nearest color match is not bad. I would sort of describe this as saying, most apps design for more than 800x600 displays, but they "work" on 800x600. Similar notion.
I'm skipping lots of key details in the proposal but hope this helps.

ps. The graphics artists want lots of colors to. They curse low color displays and it eats up tonnes of their time to worry about it and produce precise imagery.

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i want as much color as possible,. on my windows machine, Sun Solaris, AS400
and Linux.

i'm not arguing against the feature.. But it should be an option and not
something default.

if it is going to be default then vote -1
else vote +1
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