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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Hot Key Question and welcome.

Also note that CTRL+F conflicts with Find in the Edit menu.
You'll need to pick another for Format.

I'm working on a table of accelerators and shortcut keys used throughout 
the SDK, which I will post to the Eclipse UI project page.


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An action shortcut is only active if the action  appears in one of the
menus of the menu bar. Thus, I am sorry, I told you only half of the story
in my posting to  the news group. The format action is not part of the 
bar. In order to get it into the menu bar it must be contributed to the
menu bar by an IEditorActionBarContributor. In order to get an idea how
this looks in detail have a look into the handling of the "Organize
Imports" action:

org.eclipse.jdt.ui.internal.javaEditor.CompilationUnitEditor - 
     Installs the action into the editor's action table.

     Installs a retargetable action as place holder into the Edit menu of
the menu bar.
     Retargets the place holder to the editor's concrete action when the
editor is activated.
     The shortcut is actually  bound to the place holder.


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i'm impressed at what Eclipse can do,. but i'm a really spoiled coder ( 
used to VAJ. ) But i'll give Eclipse a go. After some initial shocks i 
become aware of some of the nice Features in Eclipse and is far better 
the GUI of VAJ. So i joined this newsgroup to see what will come next.

Besides that passive activity i'm also willing to donate some of my time
skills. So if something needs to be done. Feel free to ask me.

Right,. now a question for you.

How do i get a Hot Key for 'Format' ?

i edited the file :
in the : jdt.jar
in the : C:\Architecture\eclipse\plugins\org.eclipse.jdt.ui

with this :
Format.tooltip=Format the Selected Text
Format.description=Format the selected text

it doesn't work.


ps. i'm using the stable build from 7 november.
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