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[platform-ui-dev] Hot Key Question and welcome.


i'm impressed at what Eclipse can do,. but i'm a really spoiled coder ( i'm
used to VAJ. ) But i'll give Eclipse a go. After some initial shocks i have
become aware of some of the nice Features in Eclipse and is far better then
the GUI of VAJ. So i joined this newsgroup to see what will come next.

Besides that passive activity i'm also willing to donate some of my time and
skills. So if something needs to be done. Feel free to ask me.

Right,. now a question for you.

How do i get a Hot Key for 'Format' ?

i edited the file : 
in the : jdt.jar
in the : C:\Architecture\eclipse\plugins\org.eclipse.jdt.ui

with this :
Format.tooltip=Format the Selected Text
Format.description=Format the selected text

it doesn't work.


ps. i'm using the stable build from 7 november.

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