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RE: [platform-ui-dev] Tasks view filter question

Sorry IIya, I'm not sure I understand you first paragraph.
You are saying that the project contains resources that are not related?
I think there would still be a case for wanting to see all the tasks in the project.

My concern remains that if a standard view is opened in a non-default mode then the fact that it is in this mode must be very obvious (visually) to the user.

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11/15/01 03:57 PM
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A Java Project usually is only make sense a whole thing. This is why "On any
resource" in correct choice. What about a case when a project is only a
logical and file system grouping. What about the case when individual
resource is a finished entity that usually not related to other  resources
in the project. In this case "On selected resource only" filter is what
users expect by default.

I would say the desire is not to auto flip it, but preset a different
default for my perspective type.

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Can you elaborate on the actual use case you are trying to accomplish - that
is, how would
your plug-in tool be using it. I presume your tool is trying to auto flip it
- if yes under what situation.



"Rozenberg, Ilya" <IRozenberg@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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11/15/01 02:32 PM
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Is there a way to programmatically set Tasks view filter to "On selected
resource only"?

Ilya Rozenberg

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